VTU :we will conduct offline classes and conduct exam only after karnataka government permits: VTU

we will conduct offline classes and conduct exam only after karnataka government permits

Students of engineering colleges affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, VTU has demanded cancellation of all examinations except final semester exams. The students have alleged that most of the colleges are not conducting online classes, due to which understanding the topics have become difficult for them followed by preparing for the exam.

Other than this, internet connectivity seems to be a challenge for many students of the varsity. While speaking to Bangalore Mirror, a third-year student revealed “With so many people using the internet to work from their homes, most of the students are totally dependent on mobile data for online classes. Since there are bandwidth issues, it is practically impossible to attend classes online and expect us to score good marks.”

Not only students but teachers are also finding it difficult to explain many concepts virtually, admits a professor of an engineering college in Bengaluru. When The Hindu contacted with VTU Vice-Chancellor, Karisiddappa, he said, “It is a problem that is not peculiar to our university alone. The State government and the UGC need to take a decision for all universities.”

Meanwhile, the students have also started this online campaign urging the varsity to promote them without evaluation

Bowing to pressure from students, the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) has postponed semester-end examinations. It will now conduct them only after students – most of whom are taking online classes – return to colleges for lectures, or ‘contact classes’.

Speaking to The Hindu, Vice Chancellor Karisiddappa said, “We want to make it very clear to students that we will conduct one month of classes and only then hold the examination. If colleges are allowed to reopen in July, then the examination will be conducted in August,” he said.

This will be applicable to first, second and third-year students.

Final-year students will attend contact classes for one week to 10 days soon after which they will have to appear for their exams.

Although the university had initially stated that online classes were accessible by 70% of their students, students organisations had refuted this.

All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) Karnataka State Committee, carried out a survey among 4,000 engineering students from 225 engineering colleges across 29 districts in the State. It revealed that only 22.8% students were able to access online classes. Around 97.1% of those surveyed had stated that they were not ready to take the examination based on the online classes.

More than 90% said that they were not able to grasp concepts during online lectures. Many could not attend classes due to poor network connectivity, erratic power supply as well as socio economic constraints.

The overall consensus was that online lectures were not helpful. As a way of protest, engineering students had launched online campaigns stating that they would be unable to appear for the examination owing to inadequate preparation. As part of the campaign, they attempted to reach out to the Prime Minister as well as Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa demanding that semester examinations be cancelled and students be allowed to attend classes for the next academic year.

VTU has discussed with all principals to what are the steps to be taken after lockdon is over. and after allowing government of karnataka and government of india.

They will  further procced after government decision

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  1. I don’t know on what basis these decisions are taken with wrong stats.. I have not understood majority of concept taught in online classes due to network issues. If you are doing offline exam we need at least 3months of offline classes otherwise promote us…i dont want to fail because of stupid decisions that benefits the vtu… They do take lot of money for exam… I’m not shying away to say that vtu is a big scam… I don’t hate vtu but it’s just my observation.. So I request you to promote us….

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