Top udemy courses for free | quarantine offer with promocode

Top udemy courses for free | quarantine offer with promocode


1.Microcontroller Interfacing with Different Elements

What you’ll learn
  • Interface Different electronic Elements with Microcontrollers
  • Write a Code to Make Your Microcontroller recognize different electronic Elements and interact with it
  • Control different electronic Elements
  • Embed code in the design
  • Interface Leds with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Switches with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface buttons with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface 7 Segments with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface LCD Liquid crystal display
  • Interface Pizeo Sound Speaker with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Sounder with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Relay with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Transistor with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Darlington Transistors with Your Microcontroller
  • A computer to run the software
  • A basic knowledge in Programming in any language
  • Download and Install Proteus Professional (FREE & Explained inside the Course)
  • Download and Install MikroC Pro (FREE & Explained inside the Course)
  • Download The course Material in PDF and Print them if possible
  • Students must have the knowledge of basic electronics

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2.Electronic & Electrical Devices Maintenance&Troubleshooting

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the concepts of voltage, resistance and current
  • Understand the VOLT OHM Meter/ Digital Multi Meter and how to use safely
  • Use Ohm’s Law to calculate voltage, current and resistance
  • Use resistors in various configurations
  • Understand and use capacitors
  • Understand and use diodes
  • Understand and use a transistor
  • A multimeter
  • A breadboard, jumper wires and a battery
  • Resistors, capacitors, LEDs, diodes, transistors, voltage regulators

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3.AutoCAD 2020 Advanced and Comprehensive Training

1. Student will learn AutoCAD 2d and 3d drawing/Modeling along with basics of Engineering Drawing and Graphics.


  • 2. Engineering Drawing and Graphics


Course Overview

AutoCAD is a prominent field that combines creativity with technical skills. AutoCAD is 2d and 3d modeling software in which we can create 2d, as well as some bigger complex 3d structures. CAD essentially stands for “Computer-Aided Design” or “Computer-Aided Drafting”. Before AutoCAD, it was very difficult to create house plans or any other designing which required too much manpower and time but after the invention of AutoCAD, all these issues have resolved because it includes the use of the computer. It is the pioneer software in jettisoning the difficulties of drawing on a sheet/ paper by hand.

AutoCAD is used widely in industries. It has diverse applications in different fields e.g. Architects are using this software for exterior and interior designing, Town Planners are using this software for scheme planning and designing, Mechanical Engineers for designing vehicle equipments, Electrical Engineers for wiring of different equipments, Interior designers for designing and placement of interior fixtures.

Advantages of using AutoCAD:

 Productivity and Quality of Product

 Precision and Accuracy

This course will help learn this software from beginner to skilled level. The main goal of this course is to develop and polish planning and designing skills. This course put you on the track of accomplishment by providing complete directions on how to become skilled in AutoCAD.

Learning Outcomes:

 By utilizing tools of modifying, draw and dimension toolbars you will be able to prepare technical drawings with Auto CAD.

 Create and draw basic 2D structures in AutoCAD and its usage in the planning and designing of housing schemes.

 Create and draw advanced 3D structures using basic functions and features of CAD 3D design.

 Design using AutoCAD with the help of shortcut keyboard keys.

 Conversion of PDF version drawings to AutoCAD File.

 How to present and export AutoCAD data into other formats like (JPEG, PDF, etc.)

 Basic understanding of printing and plotting features.

  Design the layout of the drawing.

Who this course is for:
  • 3. Engineering Students and those people, who want to become drawing expert of Civil and Mechanical Structure.


4.Build Your Own Arduino Library: Step By Step Guide

What you’ll learn
  • Move your Arduino Library
  • Learn Working Principle of Arduino Libraries
  • Basic experience in Electronics
  • A Will to apply, not just watch
Who this course is for:
  • Electronics Geeks
  • Arduino Geeks
  • Anyone Interested in Learning New Things about Arduino
  • Anyone Interested in Learning More about Arduino Libraries
  • Anyone Interested in Learning about making his own Arduino Library


5.Adobe Lightroom CC Photo Editing: Your Lightroom Masterclass

What you’ll learn
  • You will be able to make your photos look better than ever!
  • Master the Lightroom editing workflow just like the pros
  • Fix basic issues like exposure, white balance and crop
  • Organize and be able to easily find photos in Lightroom
  • Edit just parts of your photo with brushes and filters
  • Use sharpening and noise reduction to make your photos look better
  • Use and create your own Lightroom presets to speed up your editing
  • Export high quality photos perfect for printing or posting online
  • You don’t need any experience with Lightroom or photo editing
  • You will need the Lightroom Classic CC and/or Lightroom CC application to follow along




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