Latest Ras pi projects list

Latest Ras pi projects list


    1.  Multi-Language Voice Control IOT Home Automation System Using Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi

      Smart E Glasses For Voltage Measurement

    2. Speaking System For Mute People Using Hand Gestures
    3. IOT Smart Mirror With News & Temperature
    4. 3D Holographic Display System With Gesture Controller
    5. IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project
    6. Object Tracker & Follower Robot Using Raspberry Pi
    7. Raspberry Pi Based Reader For Blind
    8. Raspberry Pi Wheelchair With Safety System
    9. Raspberry Pi Speaking Bus Stop Reminder
    10. IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System
    11. Drink & Drive Detection With Ignition Lock Project
    12. IOT Theft Detection Using Raspberry Pi
    13. Raspberry Pi Based Automatic Selfie Booth
    14. Night Vision Security Patrolling Robot With Sound Sensing
    15. Raspberry Pi Vehicle Number Plate Recognition
    16. Voice Controlled Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi
    17. Motion Based Time Lapse Camera With Optimized Storage
    18. Motion Activated Wildlife Recording Camera Raspberry Pi
    19. Drunk Driving Detection With Car Ignition Locking
    20. Raspberry Pi Home Automation Project
    21. IOT Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi
    22. Camera Based Surveillance System Using Raspberry Pi
    23. Automated Door Opener With Lighting Control Using Raspberry Pi
    24. Virtual Piano Using Raspberry Pi
    25. Ultrasonic Music Beats Player Using Raspberry Pi
    26. IOT Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Insect Robot
    27. IOT Industry Automation Using Raspberry Pi
    28. Linux Based Speaking Medication Reminder Project



    1. Image Processing Based Fire Detection Using Raspberry Pi
    2. IOT Flood Monitoring & Alerting System Using Ras Pi
    3. IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project
    4. Women Safety Night Patrolling Robot Ras Pi
    5. Raspberry Pi Air & Noise Pollution Monitoring System IOT
    6. Raspberry Pi Based Vehicle Starter on Face Detection
    7. Waste and Garbage Recycling Vending Machine Project
    8. Smart Door Receptionist with Smart Lock System
    9. Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi & RF
    10. IOT based Anti-theft Flooring System using Raspberry Pi
    11. Face Recognition Door Lock System Using Raspberry Pi



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