[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]KCET Option Entry 2019 –  has been started by the Karnataka Examination Authority. It is done by the eligible candidates of document verification. In the KCET 2019 Option Entry process, the candidates state the choices for the colleges and courses in which they wish to take the admission. Once the option entry facility ends, the candidates will neither be able to add an option or change it. During the seat allotment, the most prioritized option will be considered. Hence, the candidates should submit the options as per the order of priority. Candidates can check more details on KCET Option Entry 2019 from this page.

Latest:Round 2 option entry has been declared. Check Here

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KCET Option Entry 2019

One of the most important information is that the options entered by the candidate for the first round will remain the same for all the rounds of seat allotment. Check the schedule for KCET Option Entry 2019 from the table below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

KCET 2019 CounsellingRound 1Round 2
Display of seat matrix and fee structureHosted on the website16 Jul 2019
Option entry starts21 Jun 2019 (11:00 AM) – 25 Jun 2019 (up to 4:00 PM)
Announcement of mock seat allotment
27 Jun 2019 (after 6:00 PM)
Provision to change options, if any by candidates (Add or Delete or Modify or Re- order or Alter the options)27 Jun 2019 (8:00 PM) – 29 Jun 2019 (11:00 AM)16 – 19 Jul 2019
Seat allotment result announcement30 Jun 2019 (after 6:00 PM)21 Jul 2019
Exercise of choices by the candidates allotted in first round of counselling08 – 09 Jul 201921- 23 Jul 2019
Confirming the allotment, paying fee, and
downloading admission order
09 – 10 Jul 201922- 24 Jul 2019
Last date to report at the college12 Jul 201925 Jul 2019 after 5:30 PM

KCET Option Entry Round 2 Instructions

Candidates can check the instructions for participating in Round 2 of KCET Option entry from below:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

KCET 2019 Seat Allotment – Round 2

After round 1 is completed, all the unfilled /surrendered/forfeited/canceled/ newly added seats, if any, will be offered in this round. The options entered by the candidate in Round 1 will remain the same even for this second round of KCET seat allotment. However, candidates can alter, modify, delete or re-order the higher-order options.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Who is Eligible for Round 2 of KCET Seat Allotment?

The following candidates can participate in KCET Seat Allotment 2:

  • Candidates who have been allotted a seat in Round 1 but wish to participate in the next round.
  • Candidate who is satisfied with the allotted seat but wish to participate in the next round with all the already entered options except the allotted option.
  • Those who have not been allotted any seat in the first round are eligible to participate in this round.


Who is NOT Eligible for Round 2 of KCET Seat Allotment?

  • Candidates who failed to exercise any choice even after allotment of seat in the First Round.
  • Once allotted a seat in the first round, but excerised option for Choice 1 or Choice 4.
  • After seat allotment in Round 1, candidates who exercised Choice 1 but failed to collect the Admission Order.
  • Candidates who selected Choice-1 in the first round and collected admission order but failed to report to the college.
  • After seat allotment in the first round, candidates who exercised Choice 1 and canceled/ surrendered the seats.
  • Candidates who did not entered any options in the first round.


What kind of seats are offered in this round?

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For second round seat allotment, the following type of seats are made available:

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  • Unfilled seats of First Round
  • Choice 3 seats of First Round
  • Choice 4 seats of First Round
  • Exercised Choice 1 in First Round but failed to make payment or not joined the college
  • Cancelled / Surrendered seats
  • Candidates allotted seats in First Round but failed to exercise their Choice within the last date.
  • Newly added seats if any
  • Consequential Vacancies


What to Do Before KCET 2019 Entry of Options?

The allotment of a seat for KCET 2019 is done on the basis of the candidate’s merit in the test, and choices submitted by the candidate. Hence, it is suggested that a candidate should familiarize themselves in entering the options in the online option entry form. Keep the following things in minds before entering their options in the KCET option entry form:

  • Note down the name of the college, the course offered in a separate sheet of paper.
  • Check the cut off rank that particular college and course so that you get an idea about where you stand on the basis of your ranking.
  • Note down the priority of options among the colleges selected.
  • Check the mock allotment result. This will help you know the college and course allotted as per your options submitted.


KCET 2019 Option Entry Procedure

To submit the options, the candidates first of all have to access the link which will be given on this page. Then, the candidates will have to follow the steps below:
Option Entry:Click Here
Login– To login the option entry portal of KCET the candidates will have to submit the CET Application Number and Secret Keyword.
After this, the candidates will have to create a password. The password should be of at least 8 characters and must contain:

    • One alphabet
    • One Number
    • One Special Character

Next, the candidates will have to enter the e-mail id, mobile number and answer the secret hint question.
Choosing the Options: After the step above, the login will open and the candidates will be able to submit the choices. The choices are to be submitted in the as many as the candidates wish. The candidates will have to lock the submitted options before the lapse of the deadline. It is advised that before the final login, the candidates thoroughly go through their options and check to make all the required changes.


KCET 2019 Seat Allotment Process

  • KCET Round 1 Seat Allotment Result – Click Here to check Seat Allotment Result 2019.

There are three (03) rounds of KCET 2019 Seat Allotment process:

  • First round of KCET 2019 seat allotment
  • Second round of KCET 2019 seat allotment
  • Third round of KCET 2019 seat allotment


KCET 2019 Seat Allotment – Round 1

The allotment of seat begins with the Special Category seat for Physically Disabled, NCC and Sports Category. Once the allotment to Physically Disabled candidates are done, seat allotment to NCC candidates holding preference 1 to 8 will be allotted. Likewise, candidates in the Sports category in Preference 1 to 5 will be allotted in Sports quota.

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For allotment to Engineering seats, all candidates will be considered first against Supernumerary Quota (SNQ) seats if they are eligible. The General category candidates will be considered only in the General Merit quota, furthermore, all Reserved category candidates will be first considered for allotment in General Merit as per their merit and rank and as per the options are given by them.


KCET 2019 Mock Allotment

KEA conducts Mock Allotment so that the candidates can get an indicative allotment of college/course/ stream as per his / her priority of options. Furthermore, this gives an idea to the candidate to change or retain the entered options. On the basis of the KCET Mock Allotment Result, candidates can then change the priority of options or deletion or addition or re-ordering of the option.

  • Mock Allotment: Click here to check the KCET 2019 Mock Allotment Result

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]KCET 2019 Seat Matrix – Engineering

  • Click Here to check KCET 2019 Engg seat matrix for Non-Hyderabad candidates.
  • Click Here to check KCET 2019 Engg seat matrix for Hyderabad candidates.

For more information regarding KCET Option Entry 2019 and Seat Allotment Result – Download Information Brochure.


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